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Each summer, car owners turn on their A/C units only to find them blowing hot air. High-end import vehicles, known as some of the best quality manufacturers in the world, will experience A/C issues from time to time as with any other brand.

Keeping your A/C healthy and lasting for years is essential not to find yourself driving in a car during hot weather. Hi-Tech Import understands why you need a functioning air conditioner, and with our 50+ years of experience, we know how to keep it that way.

Taking Care of Quality Brands

At High-Tech Import, we service some of the best-engineered vehicle brands in the world. Excelling in servicing these brands takes years of training and experience to master. Combined with state-of-the-art technology like the latest OEM Diagnostic Equipment, we can handle your quality-built European imports including:

Common Signs Your A/C Needs Repair

Most vehicles will warn you in advance when a piece of their equipment is failing. Although your car’s air conditioner system probably does not have a computer-generated warning like a check engine light, there are some physical indications you need to have your A/C checked.

  • The unit stops blowing cold air.
  • The unit stops blowing at all.
  • There is water inside your car from a clogged condensation line.
  • There are noises coming from under the hood.

While it is essential to watch for these common signs of an A/C failure, the best way to prevent complete failure is to have your vehicle serviced regularly. Our certified technicians are trained to find problems with your car’s A/C during scheduled inspections. Once we find a minor issue, we can usually correct the problem before it turns into a costly repair.

European Auto AC Service

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Whether you need scheduled service inspections or suspect you have problems with your car’s air conditioner in Downers Grove, IL, we are ready to help. We are also the go-to European auto shop for drivers in surrounding areas like:

Contact us today and receive the service you deserve. Our family-owned business will work hard to complete any repairs you need and keep your car on the road as long as possible.

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