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The best safety feature on the vehicle you own is not an airbag or collapse zones built into the car. These are important, but if you can stop the vehicle when needed, these features aren’t necessary to protect you from a collision since it won’t happen. Brakes are critical to your safety. They are one of the automobile’s oldest and most essential safety features.

European and other imports of the globe’s best brands have added to the improvements within their car brake systems over the years. This has made them more reliable with better function, allowing them to last longer.

As with any mechanical and electrical components, they must be maintained to function correctly daily. Hi-Tech Import is the expert garage for your high-end import for brake service.

Experts in The World’s Best European Brands

Working with brands known to have some of the best designs developed for the last 50 years has helped us at Hi-Tech Import to become the most experienced and sought-after shop for repair in Illinois. Here are the top brands we service:

Although most people think brakes are the same on all models, each manufacturer has their own designs and manufacturing techniques when building their cars. This is why it takes years of experience to learn each brand and properly repair brakes on each model.

Our team of certified technicians is so sure of their knowledge and quality of work they perform that we offer a 1-year or 12,000-mile warranty on all of our repair work.

Signs Your Brake System Needs Service

Outside of your vehicle not stopping when you need it to, there are other ways to determine if your brakes need servicing long before that takes place. Here are a few examples of when to bring your car in for brake service:

  • high pitched noise coming from the wheel area
  • a brake pedal with a spongy feel
  • puddles of brake fluid under your car
  • ABS brake service light illuminated
  • metal-to-metal grinding sounds from the wheel area
European Auto Brake Repair

Keeping Your Brakes Serviced

The best way to keep your car in top condition and knowing your brake system is safe and operating as it should, is to have your brakes inspected and repaired at our professional and knowledgeable repair shop. Located in Downers Grove, we’re proud to be the go-to European auto brake shop for drivers in surrounding cities including:

Call High-Tech Import today to have your brakes serviced or with any questions for our friendly staff.

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