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With all of the glamorous components of European vehicles, tires tend to be overlooked by many owners. However, tires are an essential part of your vehicle’s performance. If not taken care of, you will find your car failing to perform as it was designed. You will spend money on a new set of tires prematurely. If you live in the Downers Grove area of Illinois, have no fear. Our Hi-Tech Import staff will keep your tires in good condition and save you money in the end.

Brands We Service

At Hi-Tech Import, we not only are experts in tire service but are experienced in servicing some of the world’s best cars. We are experts in these brands:

The Importance of Tire Service

We have all heard of oil changes and transmission service. Your tires are just as essential to your safety and performance as most all other parts of your high-end import. As part of the manufacturer’s recommendations, tires need to be checked during car servicing. A professional technician will save your tire’s life and find indications of mechanical issues at the same time. Here are a few problems solved just by completing tire service:

  • Alignment Issues: If your tires show uneven wear, it can indicate your vehicle has a mechanical alignment issue and needs repair.
  • Air Pressure: Most advanced vehicles have sensors that indicate when your tires have too low or too high air pressure in them. If this indication is not displaying or ignored, your car will wear through tires quickly and cost you more fuel costs.
  • Suspension Problems: One of the best ways to find issues with wheel bearings, shocks, tie-rods, and bushings is with an inspection while changing wheels. Without this inspection, during tire servicing, you may find yourself broken down or worse in an accident.
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We are here to help you save money on tires and repairs. Our service center has 50+ years of experience in the automotive repair business. We know how to take care of your European car. Located in Downers Grove, we also offer complete tire services for European auto owners in surrounding areas including:

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