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If a car’s engine is the heart of the vehicle, your vehicle’s suspension is the skeleton that allows for high-performance driving. One of the best things about owning a performance import is that their suspensions are usually overly-engineered to provide a comfortable ride and quick responsive maneuverability while driving.

Suspension systems have become complex over the years as technology has increased. Damage to your suspension happens from time to time and requires an expert hand in repairs. At Hi-Tech Import in Downers Grove, all of our suspension work is backed by our 1- year/12,000-mile guarantee.

Brands We Service

Each of the brands below has slightly different designs, which require the technician making repairs to the suspension to know all of the nuances of each.

Causes of Suspension Issues

There are 2 main causes of damage to your vehicle’s suspension system.

  • Lack of Service: Your car’s suspension comprises several components that work together to perform as designed. Over time the parts are prone to wear as any other, except lack of lubrication and cleaning will take their toll on its longevity. Rust caused by years of driving on winter roads or skipping required greasing of certain parts will all rescue the life-span of your vehicle’s suspension.
  • Road Hazards: Objects such as boards left in the road, running over old tires while driving, and potholes in the road all can damage your car’s suspension system.

Outside of paying close attention while driving, most damage from road hazards is not easy to avoid. Lack of maintenance, on the other hand, is different. Following scheduled servicing of your suspension at an expert repair service center will add years to your suspension system and keep it working as originally engineered.

Car Suspension Service

Bring Your Car to Suspension Repair Specialists

With 50+ years of experience in suspension repair, our team will provide quality care and repair to keep your suspension in the condition your car deserves. Located in Downers Grove, Hi-Tech Import is also the go-to European auto repair shop for drivers in surrounding areas like:

Call or visit our shop today to have your high-end import on a service plan that includes suspension inspection and repair or with any additional questions about service with our expert mechanics.

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