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There is no more critical component within your car as vital as the engine. Considered the heart of any vehicle, the motor is what allows your car to run. Although each fuel combustion engine has similarities, they are not all built equal. For high-end European cars, the engines are based on years of engineering and development, making them superior in many ways. This level of engineering also produces engines more complex than base models sold within the U.S. Here at Hi-Tech Import, we know the complexities of quality import engines and the experience to keep them running as designed. Located in Downers Grove, we help European auto owners all throughout the area with complete engine maintenance and repairs.

Brands We Service

With over 50+ years of experience in the world’s best-engineered vehicles, our team can handle all of your European car’s needs. Here are the brands we have mastered over the years.

Keeping Your Engine in Top Condition

A complete engine failure and replacement will result in a costly repair bill. The key to avoiding complete failure is to find issues before they arise. Here are some signs your engine requires repair:

  • Tapping or knocking sounds coming from the engine compartment
  • Excessive engine overheating
  • Oil leaks
  • Coolant found inside your oil reservoir
  • Check engine light on
  • Smoke from your exhaust

If any of these signs of failure appear, your engine needs servicing immediately. Small engine issues will eventually lead to larger and more expensive ones to correct if ignored.

Although all of these signs are important to catch early, there is a much better way to protect your car’s engine from damage. All of the brands we service have completed studies that point to when your vehicle needs attention for preventive maintenance. When these maintenance plans are followed, your vehicle’s engine will last for years beyond those without proper care.

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We Are Service Experts

Keeping your high-end European car on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles is our purpose at Hi-Tech Import. Our service center features certified technicians trained on each manufacturer’s service plan. We also utilize technology like our OEM diagnostic equipment and Program/Flash Update Software for BMW, MINI, & Mercedes. These skills and technology set us apart from others. Located in Downers Grove, we help drivers throughout surrounding cities including:

Please call or visit us today to have your European vehicle placed on a service plan or with any questions for our friendly staff.

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