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Downers Grove’s European Auto Transmission Specialist

Electronic controls, sensors, and other high-tech additions have made the transmission much different from past years. In today’s world, instead of a shade-tree mechanic, a trained professional technician is necessary. This is especially true with quality European import vehicles.

Having the right equipment like an OEM diagnostic unit and experience in many brands is essential to service an import transmission. Fortunately for European auto owners in Downers Grove and the surrounding areas, High-Tech Import is available to meet those needs.

Brands of Transmissions We Service

All transmissions are not the same from one manufacturer to another. We have 50+ years of experience working with imports and providing our staff training to maintain excellence in our work. At Hi-Tech Import we offer complete suspension services & repairs for all models of:

Having the experience to and knowledge to repair all of the brands listed above creates one of the most professional teams of certified technicians. While other shops only take the time to become experts in one or two brands, we pride ourselves on having expert knowledge in many different brands.

Signs You Have Transmission Issues

Transmission issues are quite noticeable as long as you pay attention to how your European car is driving. While these brands are well built and last for years, they will experience problems from time to time, like all mechanical equipment. Here are a few signs to look for in a failing transmission.

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid: Leaking fluid will be reddish to brown in color and will be found underneath the transmission area on the ground.
  • Transmission Slip: A failing transmission will slip when changing gears. This means you will feel a jolt inside the car when the gear finally engages.
  • Overheating: A transmission that overheats is a sure sign of trouble.
  • Whining Sounds: When a transmission is low on fluid or clogged, you will experience a whining sound coming from under your car.
Car Transmission Repair

Trust Our Transmission Experts

If you experience any of the symptoms above with your transmission, bring or tow your vehicle to Hi-Tech Import for diagnostics and service. We help European auto owners throughout Downers Grove take better care of their transmissions and also welcome drivers from:

We stand by our transmission repairs with our 1-year/12,000-mile guarantee. We even offer a shuttle service for those who live within a five-mile radius of our shop. Don’t put off service any longer, call or visit our shop today to learn more or to schedule your next service appointment.

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