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Outstanding European Auto Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Downers Grove

Quality import vehicles from Europe and around the world have a legacy of design that includes state-of-the-art technology. Advancements and innovations in technology have helped brands outpace their competitors for years. One of these advances in technology is the advent of diagnostic systems built into these cars to make troubleshooting issues much easier.

Almost everyone understands what a check engine light on a car means as they have been around for years. The difference in today’s world is the improvements in the diagnostics behind them. At Hi-Tech Import, our diagnostic equipment was designed and built to work seamlessly with the most popular European vehicles.

Superior Brands We Diagnose

Having choice diagnostic equipment determines why your check engine light is triggered is vital to your car’s proper repair. Here are the brands we service:

Causes of a Check Engine Light

There was a time when a check engine light read a misfire in a cylinder or other serious issues within cars. Today, when a check engine light illuminates, it can literally mean one of dozens of problems with your car. Below are several reasons your check engine light will illuminate:

  • Gas cap is loose
  • Sensor malfunction
  • Failing spark plugs
  • Bad ignition coil
  • Failing fuel injector
  • Spark plug wires are bad
  • Catalytic converter or other environmental control is faulty
  • Low oil levels
  • Low transmission fluid level

As you can see from this short list of issues triggering a check engine light, knowing the root cause can be difficult. It takes professional diagnostic equipment as advanced as the car itself to ensure you have found the source of the problem for an efficient repair.

European Auto Check Engine Light Maintenance

Find A Solution with Us

If your check engine light comes on, know that the highly-advanced technology in your import has performed its job by letting you know something is wrong. Your next step is to bring your car to us at Hi-Tech Import and have it checked by our OEM diagnostic equipment to find the solution. Located in Downers Grove, we help drivers from all throughout surrounding areas like:

We will restore your vehicle to running as smoothly as designed so please, call or visit our shop today.

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